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The West Australian Club Directory has all the clubs that play in the top four divisions in Western Australia in 2024. This includes the three Professional leagues (The NPL-WA and the two divisions of the State League) and also the Amateur League Premier Division. Please note that amateur premier clubs that have a team already in one of the three Professional leagues will not be included as a seperate club in this directory.

It includs each club's home ground, colours, divisional and cup honours (amateur honours not included) and known league positions from over the years.

The top league in Western Australia has had various names over the past four decades. The Soccer Federation of Western Australia (SFWA) was formed during the 1960 season when eight clubs broke away from the Western Australian Soccer Football Association to form their own Professional First Division. The name of the top flight then changed to the State League in 1964, it was then named the First Division in 1968 and then called the State League once again in 1979. It stayed this way until the controversial eight team Super League was established in 1988.

The 1989 season saw the Second Division re-titled the Premier League, even though it wasn't the "Premier" competition in the state, as it was still one division behind the Super League. The Third Division and Fourth Division kept their names, however this was changed in 1990 when the two lower leagues merged to form the "First Division" which was really the "third" strongest league behind the Super and Premier Leagues.

The start of the 1991 season saw no change in the league names, however later in the season the Super League clubs broke away from the SFWA to form the Professional Soccer League (PSL), which was commonly known as the Pro League that year.

1992 was one of the most confusing years in WA soccer history, with two Professional organisations that would last for the whole season. Over the 1991/92 summer most clubs resigned from the SFWA to form lower divisions of the Professional Soccer League. However twelve clubs stayed loyal to the SFWA who were only able to run one league competition, which was in essence the strongest league behind the PSL top flight, as the majority of the second tier clubs from 1991 continued with SFWA in 1992.

Common sense prevailed in 1993 when the SFWA and PSL merged to form the new Professional Soccer Federation, later to be called Soccer West Coast. The name of the top league wasn't changed again until 1996 when Soccer West Coast re-titled the First Division as the new Premier League. The Second Division was dropped after that season to only have the Premier League and First Division remain. This continued under the new Football West banner in 2005, though a new Second Division was re-introduced in 2012. The Premier League changed it's name officially to the Premier Division in 2010. This was then changed to the National Premier Leagues - Western Australia (NPL-WA) in 2014.

The divisional changes and honour lists for each club in the directory shows the current names that are currently used today with exception of the NPL-WA. (ie. top league the Premier, the next strongest the First Division and so on). To be consistent the current NPL-WA will be called the "Professional Premier League" in this directory.

Professional Divisonal Names since 1960

NPL-WA ("Premier League") (As it is now known)
1960 - 1963: First Division
1964 - 1968: State League
1969 - 1979: First Division
1980 - 1987: State League
1988 - 1990: Super League
1991 - 1991: Pro League
1992 - 1995: First Division
1996 - 2009: Premier League
2010 - 2013: Premier Division
2014 -     : NPL-WA (or Premier League)

First Division (As it is now known)
1962 - 1964: Second Division
1965 - 1966: First Division
1967 - 1988: Second Division
1989 - 1991: Premier League
1992 (SFWA): First Division
1992 (PSL) : Second Division
1993 - 1995: Second Division
1996 -     : First Division

Second Division (As it is now known)
1963 - 1963: Third Division
1964 - 1965: Second Division
1965 - 1970: Third Division
1971 - 1972: No Competition
1973 - 1989: Third Division
1990 - 1991: First Division
1992 - 1995: Third Division
1996 - 1996: Second Division
1997 - 2011: No Competition
2012 -     : Second Division

Third Division (As it would be now known)
1978 - 1989: Fourth Division
1990 -     : No Competition

The Amateur Soccer Assocation (ASA) was formed in 1968, and it's top flight was called the First Division throughout it's history to 1987. The Perth Amateur Social Soccer Assocation (PASSA) was formed in 1975 and it's top league was also called the First Division. This was changed to the PASSA Premier Division in 1985.

Both amateur assocations merged in 1988 to form the Western Australian Amateur Social Soccer Assocation (WAASSA), with it's top flight being titled the Premier Division, in which it continues to this day under Football West. Football West did officially change the name of the "Amateur League" to the "Sunday League" in 2010. This was then changed back to the "Amateur League" in 2015. The number of divisions in the Amateur League has been from one in 1968 to as many as seven divisions in 2011. As with the Professional league, the historical divisional changes in this directory from the Amateur League will be the same as today's set-up, with the top league being called the Amateur Premier Division and so on.


Due to the Federation split of 1992, there were two leagues that were of Professional First Division standard that season. Clubs playing in either association that year will have the PSL (Professional Soccer League) or SFWA (Soccer Federation of WA) next to their 1992 league position in the club directory to indicate which association they were playing in at the time.

Championship play-offs decided overall positions in 1989, 1990, 1991, 1998 and from 2009 to 2014 in the Professional Premier League and also in a play-off "league format" in 2001, 2002 and 2005 in the Professional First Division.

In 2020, due to the COVID-19 virus, a different format was played. Overall positions are decided by where clubs finished in the final phase of each division.

Former Professional League clubs currently playing in the lower divisions of the Amateur League have been included in this directory for historical reference under the "Ex-Professional League Clubs" link.

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