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Year "Page Views"
1998 4,889
1999 10,219
2000 22,302
2001 43,107
2002 80,661
2003 160,055
2004 224,418
2005 305,463
2006 355,867
2007 346,860
2008 330,117
2009 314,456
2010 281,299
2011 299,140
2012 304,117
2013 284,573
2014 282,689
2015 281,321
2016 299,684
2017 301,223
2018 314,308

The Western Australian Football Website - aka footballwa.net - made its' first appearance in September 1997. Founded by Jacob Aufdemkampe, the website has continually evolved over the years to become established as the prime source of news, information and historical data on grassroots football in WA.

Picking up on the lack of publicity afforded to the local game, Aufdemkampe set-up the website with the expressed aim of raising the profile of football in WA. Through word of mouth alone the local community embraced the website to the extent it is now the most comprehensive single source of on-line information on the game available.

In early 2000 the website 'staff' was doubled with the addition of Brett Klucznik whose priority has been the compilation of the weekly news updates and the provision of photographs. Three years later Peter Simcox came on board as the website broadened it's coverage of the semi-professional game.

Over the years we have been able to establish a network of contributors who give their time each week to provide match details and club news for the website. It is only through these contributions that footballwa.net is able to provide you - the football community - with the latest information on the game you love.

footballwa.net is totally volunteer-driven - everyone who contributes is employed full-time in occupations outside football. As such, we invite all players, officials, fans and administrators to have your say on the game in WA. Please contact us to to find out how you can help this website, and the game, progress and grow.

Note on statistics 'Page Views' are widely considered the most accurate assessment of the number of people who visit a website. Some websites gauge their popularity by the number of 'Hits' received, a method which dramatically inflates the number of actual visitors. footballwa.net collects only the 'Page Views' on our homepage.

Peter Simcox peter@footballwa.net
- news, interviews and comment pieces
- photographs
- Perth Glory
Jacob Aufdemkampe jacob@footballwa.net
- general site administration
- results and tables (including corrections)
- Notices
- weekly tipping panel
- projects (historical data)

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