NPL-WA Player of the Year

YEAR	NAME                     CLUB
2001	B. Mikulic               Cockburn City
2002	J. Coyne                 Perth
2003	S. Crampton              Perth
2004	N. Ward                  Stirling Lions
2005 	A. Naglieri              Perth
2006	S. Harland               Sorrento
2007 	B. Karpeh                Floreat Athena
2008 	A. Brown                 Mandurah City
2009 	D. Micevski              Western Knights
2010	B. Mikulic               Floreat Athena
2011	G. Giron-Marulanda       Bayswater City
2012	G. Giron-Marulanda       Bayswater City
2013	P. Lloyd                 Cockburn City
2014    No Competition

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