State League First Division Reserves

YEAR    WINNERS                  RUNNERS UP                  THIRD PLACE
1962    Kiev                     Swan Valley                 Spearwood Rovers
1963    South Perth              Spearwood Rovers            Caledonian
1964    Kiev                     Caledonian                  Cottesloe
1965    Medina                   Perth City                  Cottesloe
1966    Cottesloe                Perth City                  Subiaco City
1967    Subiaco City             Kiev                        Kiev
1968    Subiaco City             Cockburn United             Perth City
1969    Caledonian               Perth City                  Bayswater United
1970    Bayswater United         Queens Park                 Medina
1971    Kwinana United           Stirling City               Cockburn United
1972    Cockburn United          Queens Park                 Gosnells Town
1973    Gosnells City            North Perth Croatia         Subiaco City
1974    Rockingham United        North Perth Croatia         Spearwood Dalmatinac
1975    Melville Alemannia       Rockingham United           Cracovia
1976    Macedonia United         Swan Athletic               Rockingham United
1977    Cracovia                 Swan Athletic               Canning Corinthian
1978    Canning Corinthian       Stirling Cracovia           Rockingham United
1979    North Perth Croatia      Osborne Park Galeb          Cockburn United
1980    North Perth Croatia      Osborne Park Galeb          Morley-Windmills
1981    North Perth Croatia      Melville Alemannia          Bassendean Caledonian
1982    Kelmscott                Melville Alemannia          Osborne Park Galeb
1983    Bayswater Inter          Kwinana United              Kelmscott
1984    Forrestfield United      Bassendean Caledonian       Rockingham United
1985    Kelmscott                Gosnells City               Morley-Windmills
1986    North Perth Croatia      Bassendean Caledonian       Kingsway Olympic
1987    Sorrento                 North Perth Croatia         Bassedean Caledonian
1988    Bassendean Caledonian    Forrestfield United         Kelmscott
1989    Bassendean Caledonian    Ferndale United             Fremantle Benfica
1990    Ferndale United          Fremantle Benfica           Inglewood Kiev
1991    Balga                    Inglewood Kiev              Wanneroo British
1992    Canning Corinthian       Perth City                  Stirling Toscany (PSL)
1992    Ferndale United          Balga                       Wanneroo British (SFWA)
1993    Gosnells/Ferndale United Melville Corinthian         Ashfield
1994    Fremantle City           Stirling Toscany            Melville Corinthian
1995    Kingsway Olympic         Ashfield                    Cockburn United
1996    Morley Windmills         Fremantle City              Joondalup City
1997    Southside United         Bassendean Caledonian       Rockingham City
1998    Rockingham City          Perth City/Leeming Strikers Swan IC
1999    Queens Park              Swan IC                     Rockingham City
2000    Queens Park              Bassendean Caledonian       Wanneroo City
2001    Kingsway Olympic         Stirling Lions              Perth City (North)
2001    Queens Park              Leeming Strikers            Rockingham City (South)
2002    Perth City               Stirling Lions              Mandurah City
2003    Mandurah City            Dianella White Eagles       Kingsway Olympic
2004    Armadale                 Canning City                Leeming Strikers
2005    Canning City             Wannneroo City              Balcatta
2006    Forrestfield United      Balcatta                    Canning City
2007    Mandurah City            Ashfield                    Forrestfield United
2008    Wanneroo City            Forrestfield United         Bayswater City
2009    Wanneroo City            Balcatta                    Fremantle Spirit
2010    Bunbury Forum Force      Dianella White Eagles       Wanneroo City
2011    Forrestfield United      Shamrock Rovers             Morley-Windmills
2012    Cockburn City            Shamrock Rovers             Swan United
2013    Ashfield                 Wanneroo City               Western Knights
2014    Gosnells City            Canning City                Ashfield
2015    Joondalup United         Gosnells City               Ashfield
2016	Joondalup United         Forrestfield United         Mandurah City
2017	Joondalup City           Ashfield                    Forrestfield United
2018	Gwelup Croatia           Fremantle City              Western Knights
2019	Forrestfield United      Joondalup United            Ashfield
2020	Joondalup United         Subiaco AFC                 UWA-Nedlands FC
2021	Stirling Macedonia       Fremantle City              Subiaco AFC
2022	Fremantle City           Subiaco AFC                 Forrestfield United
2023	Subiaco AFC              Joondalup United            Fremantle City

* NOTE: This division has previously been called the Premier League and the Second Division.

* NOTE: Due to the Federation split of 1992, there were two leagues that were of Semi-Pro First Division standard that season. 1992 in the above table will show two winners and runners-up, one for the PSL (Professional Soccer League) and the other for the SFWA (Soccer Federation of WA).

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