Amateur League Premier Division Reserves

YEAR    WINNERS                    RUNNERS UP
2000    Fremantle United           ECU Joondalup Amateurs
2001    Hamersley Rovers           Shamrock Rovers
2002    Forrestfield United        Kwinana United
2003    Shamrock Rovers            Forrestfield United
2004    Shamrock Rovers            University of WA
2005    Shamrock Rovers            Lynwood Colts
2006    University of WA           Fremantle United
2007    University of WA           Shamrock Rovers
2008    Lynwood Colts              Shamrock Rovers
2009    University of WA           Shamrock Rovers
2010    UWA-Nedlands FC            Olympic Kingsway
2011    Southern Spirit            UWA-Nedlands FC
2012    Southern Spirit            Joondalup United
2013    Joondalup United           Hamersley Rovers
2014    North Perth United         Hamersley Rovers
2015    North Perth United         Wembley Downs
2016    Kingsley                   Wembley Downs
2017    Kingsley                   North Perth United
2018    Kingsley                   Leeming Strikers
2019    Kingsley                   Leeming Strikers
2020    Quinns FC Amateurs         Leeming Strikers
2021    North Perth United         Quinns FC Amateurs
2022    Emerald FC                 North Perth United
2023    East Perth                 South Perth United

* NOTE: No data available for the Amateur Premier Division prior to 2000.

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