2014 Season Preview

National Premier Leagues WA

A new chapter in West Australian football will be written this year with the National Premier Leagues becoming Western Australia’s peak competition. Reigning State champions Bayswater City are widely expected to led the race for top honours alongside Stirling Lions, however, it would take a brave man (or woman) to write off Sorrento and Floreat Athena. The battle at the other end of the table is likely to be just as tight with Subiaco AFC, Armadale and ECU Joondalup touted to struggle.

The team which finishes top of the regular season table will represent West Australia in the national NPL play-off series, however, it will be the Top Four series winner that is crowned State Champions in mid-September. This week Brett Klucznik takes a look at the twelve clubs before the footballwa.net team is joined by Richard Kreider, author of the spendliferous ‘Paddocks to Pitches’, in offering their thoughts on how season 2014 will pan out...

ARMADALE have been slumped near the foot of the table for much of their top flight life and there’s little reason to believe this year will be any different. Admittedly, the eastern corridor club showed some good form in pre-season and coach Lee Bamber has a number of quality players on board, amongst them Dannie Richman, Louie Bake, Jason Barrera and former West Adelaide finisher Faustinho Machochi. But a leaky defence and a lack of depth will conspire to keep Armadale among the bottom three.

Gains: Jason Barrera, Faustinho Machochi, John Thornley
Losses: Lance Louvie, Rhys Loxley, Jason Pottier, Cyril Sharrock

The scene has been set for a season of re-adjustment at BALCATTA. After finishing third from bottom last year, the club opted for a new direction and rookie coach Ramon Falzon enters 2014 with a radically different squad. Adam Tong and Kieron Stallard form the basis of an impressive defensive line while the inspiration heading in the opposite direction comes from Kris Gate and James Sammutt. Balcatta performed admirably in pre-season but their focus for coming months must surely be on laying the foundations for future success.

Gains: Gustavo Catarcione, Patrick Quinn, Kieron Stallard, James Sammut
Losses: Adam Bachiller, Alex Dunn, John Migas, Julian Madaschi, Ashley Rosindale, Chris Thackray

You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who does not consider BAYSWATER CITY red-hot favourites for the league. Chris Coyne has by far the best-balanced squad in the competition, one which combines skill, mobility and experience. Very little is given away by Devon Spence and captain John Kearny, across the middle it’s Paul McCarthy and Todd Howarth that operate with menace while in Steve Burton and Gustavo Giron-Marulanda they have arguably the competition’s most feared strike force. No one will finish the regular season higher than Bayswater.

Gains: Adam Bachiller, Danny Dixon
Losses: Gustavo Catarcione, Patrick Quinn

COCKBURN CITY took the top flight by storm last year, but this time around the Cockerels are going to find the going considerably tougher. In a sign of club loyalty, the bulk of last season’s player group remain on board with Paul Natale, Euan Grant, Connor Kavanagh and Eamon McNelis providing a sturdy backbone. However, there are concerns that those who have left have not been sufficiently replaced and that’s expected to impact negatively. Cockburn may not feature in the race for regular season honours, but they will have a very big say as to who is.

Gains: Dejan Aleksic, Monty Grigo, Steve Howson, Shaz Ramalee
Losses: Nick Carroll, Nick Feely, Paul Lloyd, Ian McMurray, Harry O’Brien, Matt Salmon

The time appears ripe for FLOREAT ATHENA to get their hands on another trophy. For his third season at the helm Chris Barbas has tinkered slightly with his playing options, and a strong argument can be made for Floreat being a better side today than this time last year. There losses have certainly been off-set by top-notch recruitment, and once Bobby Wilson, Cameron Yorke, Callum Fransz, Ludovic Boi and David Heagney find top gear it’s going to take something special to halt them. Make no mistake – Floreat have the potential to go all the way.

Gains: Zdenek Bezdek, Ashley Corker, Jamie Eames, Yousri Gharasallah
Losses: Brad Eiffe, Benny Kovadio, Mark Pritchard

A work in progress would be an apt description of INGLEWOOD UNITED. The inner city club has undergone significant off-field change during the past few months, and the loss of considerable experience has left the playing list somewhat thin. That said, any team under Graham Normanton’s charge is one to be wary off. A lack of firepower hampered their progress last year but that appears to have been addressed with the addition of Rory Grant, who’ll figure prominently alongside Greg Sharland, Rory Grant, Ryan Clarke, David Perich and Luke Martino. At the moment Inglewood lack the overall depth required to compete for the title.

Gains: Ryan Francis, Rory Grant, David Sesay, Jon Stripe
Losses: James Sammut, Craig Simpson, Rikki Smith, Daniel Thomson

There’s not going to be a huge amount of change in ECU JOONDALUP’s fortunes. Dale McCulloch did a creditable job in turning things around last year, and there’s no doubt his players are just as committed to the cause as he is. However, their pre-season was hardly awe-inspiring and a thin squad is going to hurt them once injury begins to bite. The talents and knowledge of Andy Banks, Charlie Comyn-Platt, Jon Higgins, Andy Higgins and Tommy Amphlett will be more important than ever before. The challenge is for Joondalup to place outside the bottom three.

Gains: David Foster, Ryan McDarby
Losses: Scott Blackmore, Matt Italiano, Tommy Jones, Joe Knowles Tanner Selyer

The season could go either way for a youthful PERTH GLORY side, which steps back onto the local stage for the first time in over a decade. To say the summer was a difficult time for Scott Miller’s side would be an understatement, but what each player gleamed from the National Youth League will be put to good use during the coming months. Luke Radonich, Alexander Castiello, Sean Troup, Jacob Collard, Joe Knowles and Borbor Sambindi are the players to watch. A top six spot six is possible.

Gains: Nil
Losses: Nil

An active recruitment campaign has revived PERTH SC's hopes. In response to the clubs worst season in three decades coach Taki Nicolaidis has turned to the transfer market, and for 2014 he has a squad bristling with the quality and experience synonymous with Dorrien Gardens. Ashley Rosindale, Mark Pritchard and Robert Scaiscia are sure to keep opposition defences on high alert while standing tall at the other end of the park are Josh Wilkins, Alex Dunn and captain Craig Simpson. Mid-table is where Perth should expect to finish, nudging the top four if luck goes their way.

Gains: Alex Dunn, Mark Pritchard, Ashley Rosindale, Craig Simpson, Andreas Theodosiades
Losses: Ashley Corker, Dom De Felice, Antonio Naglieri, David Onoforo, Josh Periera, Jason Saldaris

A stable playing roster will keep SORRENTO in the running for regular season honours. The new coaching team of Trevor Morgan and Jamie Harnwell has made only minor adjustments, welcoming back a few familiar faces to replace the handful of departures. Curtis Aspden, Ryan Pearson and Daryl Platten anchor an imposing defensive unit, Scott Bulloch and Jason Mirco are capable of scoring as well as creating goals while the job of sticking the ball in the back of the net falls to former Notts County player Sean Canham. With no major weaknesses, Sorrento are definitely one to watch.

Gains: Scott Bulloch, Sean Canham, Adam Luca, Jason Mirco, Reece Vittiglia
Losses: Mikey Aspin, David Price, Jamie Harnwell, Gavin Knight

A much-changed STIRLING LIONS are widely considered the team most likely to challenge Bayswater City for top honours. The club had several notable departures during the summer but new coach Gary Williams has recruited well and enters the new season with a better balanced squad than the one he inherited. A cursory glance at their list – Daniel Micevski, Jack Salter, Hayden Doyle, Andy Brown, Rikki Smith and Aleks Vrteski – serves to highlight just how much quality Williams has at his disposal. Stirling’s biggest challenge will be their ability to deal with the burden of expectation.

Gains: Hayden Doyle, David Micevski, Danny Milne, Jack Salter, Rikki Smith
Losses: Dean Evans, Jason Gavin, Rory Grant, Gareth McGlynn, Andy Todd

SUBIACO AFC step into top flight for the first time in four decades. The team from the western suburbs are very much an unknown quantity with Gerry McEwan’s squad baring little resemblance to that which competed in last year’s third tier. Experienced quarter Ian McMurray, Jordan Rhodes and Guy McDonald along with one-time Liverpool academy player Laurence Gaughan will be key figures in a young side that lacks the depth required to be truly competitive. Subiaco are likely to find their backs to the wall more often than not but, given relegation isn’t an option, they won’t be overly concerned.

Gains: Rory Feely, Laurence Gaughan, Guy McDonald, Ian McMurray, Jordan Rhodes
Losses: Tom Barrett, Joey Dixon, Frank Galvin, Robert Knoefel, John Molloy

footballwa.net Predictions

Peter Brett   Jacob Richard
NPL table NPL table   NPL table NPL table
Bayswater City Bayswater City 1 Bayswater City Bayswater City
Stirling Lions Sorrento 2 Inglewood United Stirling Lions
Sorrento Floreat Athena 3 Stirling Lions Perth Glory
Perth Glory Stirling Lions 4 Floreat Athena Inglewood United
Floreat Athena Inglewood United 5 Perth SC Floreat Athena
Inglewood United Perth SC 6 Sorrento Perth SC
Perth SC Cockburn City 7 Cockburn City Sorrento
ECU Joondalup Perth Glory 8 Balcatta Balcatta
Cockburn City Balcatta 9 Perth Glory Armadale
Balcatta ECU Joondalup 10 ECU Joondalup ECU Joondalup
Armadale Armadale 11 Armadale Subiaco AFC
Subiaco AFC Subiaco AFC 12 Subiaco AFC Cockburn City
Grand Final winners Grand Final winners   Grand Final winners Grand Final winners
Bayswater City Bayswater City   Bayswater City Stirling Lions
Cup Winners Cup Winners   Cup Winners Cup Winners
ECU Joondalup Floreat Athena   Bayswater City Stirling Lions
Gold Medal winner Gold Medal winner   Gold Medal winner Gold Medal winner
Jason Mirco
Scott Bulloch
  Steve Burton
(Bayswater City)
Golden Boot winner Golden Boot winner   Golden Boot winner Golden Boot winner
Steve Burton
(Bayswater City)
Jack Salter
(Stirling Lions)
  Gustavo Giron-Marulanda
(Bayswater City)

Division One

The 2014 Division One season swings into action next weekend with competition expected to be red-hot at both ends of the table. Canning City, Ashfield and Western Knights are the frontrunners for top honours, while the battle to avoid relegation is expected to be between Swan United, Gosnells City and UWA-Nedlands. This week Brett Klucznik takes a look at the twelve clubs before the footballwa.net team is joined by Richard Kreider, author of ‘Paddocks to Pitches’, in offering their thoughts on how season 2014 will pan out...

It’s a safe bet that ASHFIELD will once again spend the winter months hovering around the top of Division One. New coach Paul Dundo has had little reason to tinker with his playing options and the importance of that stability will come to the fore as the season progresses. Goalkeeper John Perkins and Graham Tough provide the foundations of a strong defensive unit with the task of opening up opposition teams falling to Alex Stamatiadis, Ruben Tristao and Branimir Mikulic. Ashfield possess the depth and quality to place in the top two.

Gains: Joe Briggs, Chris Thackray
Losses: Aaron Colli, Ian McKean, Steve O’Mahoney, Daryl Warren

There are a good few points BUNBURY FORUM FORCE intend making after being dumped from the top flight. Despite losing a number of influential players, coach Trent Hathaway still has at his disposal a strong squad bristling with experience and capable of playing at a greater intensity than many of their rivals. Opposition teams will be kept on high alert by Kenny Taylor, Bright Ababio and Jayden Prosser while Oliver McGee runs a tight defensive unit that features home grown talents Jarrod Mort and Ryan Risdon. Bunbury won’t win the league but they will have a big say in who does.

Gains: James Bergin, Kieran Kavanagh
Losses: Chris Blackburn, Ryan Francis, Steve Howson, Liam Hutchinson, Jamie Tandy

The benchmark by which all others will measure themselves by this year is CANNING CITY. Paul Van Dongen’s side came within a whisker of capturing the championship last year and, with the bulk of that squad still on board, those experiences will inspire them to finish the job this time around. Captain Josh Findlater and young winger Nathan Hubbard will no doubt create a plethora of opportunities for Daniel Niederberger, while new signing Julian Madaschi and goalkeeper Luke Stonebridge will be key figures in the prevention of goals. It’s going to take something very special to prevent Canning from being crowned champions of Division One.

Gains: Julian Madaschi, Jarrad Smith, Luke Stonebridge
Losses: Dean Apelgren, Steve Grant

A player exodus on a massive scale has effectively wiped out any hopes DIANELLA WHITE EAGLES may have held of going one better than the runners-up spot earned last year. The departure of over a dozen players has left the playing stocks decidedly thin, and while they have dipped into the transfer market the fact of the matter is their additions simply aren’t of the same calibre as their losses. Igor Novakovic, Corey Wiltshire, Chris Rizidis, Soitris Theodosiades and Michael Salsano have key roles to play in what will be a difficult year for the club.

Gains: Rodrigo Aguirre, Chris Rizidis, Justin Scarvaci
Losses: Sean Browne, Tom Dixon, Thomas Gooding, Robbie Phelan, Bojan Radinovic, David Stripe, Andrea Theodosiades

There has been little to suggest GOSNELLS CITY is going to assert themselves. The eastern corridor club failed to ignite last year and some significant off-season departures point towards a campaign with more lows than highs. How great an influence Michael Logue, Ian Maguire, Brian Patterson, Luke McCord and Chris Holland can have will go a long way in determining how successful the season is. Unfortunately, Gosnells do lack depth while their inconsistency on match day has all too often been their downfall in the past. A final placing amongst the bottom four is expected.

Gains: Stuart Aitken, Ian Maguire, Andy Pomfret
Losses: Allan Carroll, Struan Herd, John Hunter, Feisal Zaw

There’s not going to be much in the way of change to MANDURAH CITY’s fortunes. As was the case last year, they enter the season with a small squad and it’s that lack of depth that will hinder their plans to push into the top half of the table. That said, there is some considerable talent in the ranks with Craig Young, Craig Tone, Matt Stares, Robbie Hamm and Tom Straker all capable of greatness on their day. The black and whites won’t feature in the title race, but nor will they contend relegation.

Gains: Not provided
Losses: Danny Dyson, Monty Grigo, Graeme Matthews

Spirits are high in the MORLEY WINDMILLS camp ahead of the new season. The club have wallowed in the lower depths of Division One for well over a decade and coach Jason Van Rooy has made clear his intention to change that. The recruitment of John Monterosso brings another option to a finishing department that already features David Houston and Gavin Brady, and of equal importance at the other end are David McNally and Daniel Agudelo. Where Morley are confident of surprising a few teams this year, whether they are capable remains to be seen.

Gains: Kyle King, Mark Miraudo, John Monterosso
Losses: Thierry Bernard, Andy Griffiths, Andy O’Neill, Joe Woodin

Things are humming along quite nicely at SHAMROCK ROVERS PERTH. The club have certainly held their own since joining the State League four years ago and early indications suggest an improvement on the fourth place gained last year. There’s no doubt Ciaran Byrne and Alan O’Mahoney are big losses, however, in Shane Cassidy, Will Pender, Charlie Kenna, Paul Concannon and Barry Mulligan they have players who can turn a game. While Shamrock lack the overall depth of Ashfield and Canning City it won’t prevent them from pushing for a place up near the top.

Gains: Aidan Cowzer, Ashley Crosthwaite
Losses: Ciaran Byrne, Dan Corbett, Alan O’Mahoney

SWAN UNITED will feel further pain before experiencing gain. The black and whites seem to have been in constant turmoil of late with six coaching changes in as many years and an ever-evolving playing roster. Salv Todaro has been brought in to steady the ship and in doing so has added some much needed quality in the form of Kevin Baker, Ian McKean and Danny Clapham. But its youngsters such as Fraser Burt and Owen Curtis that are the future of the club and what they learn this year will benefit them immensely further down the track. Lower to mid-table.

Gains: Kevin Baker, Danny Clapham, Ian McKean
Losses: John Monterosso, Nick Tatasciore, Michael Tronchin, Trent Wood

It’s all change at UWA-NEDLANDS with a new coach, a whole new set of players and a fresh new outlook. The club responded to finishing just clear of the drop zone last year by appointing Everton legend Mike Lyons, who has wasted no time in remodelling the player list. In rebuilding he has looked far and wide, adding imports David Cox and Steffan Griffiths along with locals Andy Brown and Sime Lozic to a squad which boasts Brian Maybin and Aaron Barnett. Avoiding relegation will be the goal, if UWA can do that then there will be brighter days ahead.

Gains: Andy Brown, Steffan Griffiths, Sime Lozic, Nathan Tosum
Losses: Mark Cahill, Duncan Lissiman, Jack Ryecroft, Tom Sellers

The year is going to be one of never-ending challenges for WANNEROO CITY . The northern suburbs outfit topped Division One last year but the departure of almost their entire senior list has left the club on shaky ground. In response, the new coaching team headed up by Paul Corr has worked hard to assemble a side which will be competitive, and for that to be achieved Jamie Serra, Godfrey Aswime, captain Luke Serra, Simon Wills and joint coach Stuart Montgomery have big roles to play. Given the events of recent months, Wanneroo will be happy to place mid-table.

Gains: Jamie Serra, Luke Serra, Stuart Siddall, Simon Wills
Losses: David Calder, Clint Davies, Ross Edwards, Anthony Jones, Brad McDonald, Guy McDonald, Chris Pugh

WESTERN KNIGHTS will be close to the top of the table come the end of September. The Knights are no strangers to success and with Robbie Dunn having strengthened his squad they look set for another big year. Ben Coulter and youngster Vinnie Wiktora will give their all breaking down opposition attacks, Steve Purton, Luka Jukic and Paul Lloyd channel the ball through midfield to where livewire Johnny Mirco lurks with menace. Anything less than a top three finish will rightly be considered a failure, that said, it’s difficult to see how that won’t be achieved.

Gains: Nick Carroll, Paul Lloyd, Robbie Phelan, Tom Sellers
Losses: Alfie Brincat, Brendan Craig, Julian Teles, Dean Thurston

footballwa.net Predictions

Peter Brett   Jacob Richard
Division One table Division One table   Division One table Division One table
Bunbury Forum Force Canning City 1 Ashfield Canning City
Ashfield Ashfield 2 Western Knights Bunbury Forum Force
Western Knights Western Knights 3 Bunbury Forum Force Wanneroo City
Canning City Shamrock Rovers Perth 4 Canning City Dianella White Eagles
Shamrock Rovers Perth Bunbury Forum Force 5 Shamrock Rovers Perth Mandurah City
Wanneroo City Mandurah City 6 Mandurah City Shamrock Rovers Perth
Swan United Morley Windmills 7 Wanneroo City Western Knights
Mandurah City Wanneroo City 8 Morley Windmills Ashfield
Gosnells City Gosnells City 9 Dianella White Eagles Morley Windmills
Dianella White Eagles UWA-Nedlands 10 Gosnells City Swan United
Morley Windmills Swan United 11 Swan United Gosnells City
UWA-Nedlands Dianella White Eagles 12 UWA-Nedlands UWA-Nedlands

Division Two

There’ll be plenty of thrills and spills in this year’s expanded Division Two. Competition newcomers Joondalup United have been installed as red-hot favourites to win promotion but should they falter then Forrestfield United and Joondalup City are ready to pounce. Brett Klucznik takes a look at the twelve clubs before the footballwa.net team is joined by Richard Kreider, author of ‘Paddocks to Pitches’, in offering their thoughts on how season 2014 will pan out...

Don’t expect too many fireworks from BALGA, who step back into the State League after a 16-year absence. Working on limited resources, Martyn Day has done a fine job navigating the club up through the Sunday leagues in recent years, and for the season ahead has a group of players who will work hard for eachother. Thorb Nimely and Lee James will be focusing their energies on putting the ball in the back of the opposition net as Dale Watson and Curtin Wreglesworth work on keeping it out of their net. Balga will be competitive, but only just.

Gains: Michael Dudek, Tahir Kulelija, Dimce Taneski
Losses: Not provided

A stable playing roster provides CURTIN UNIVERSITY some very solid foundations upon which to re-launch their State League career. The nucleus of the side that won last year’s Sunday League Division One championship remains intact, meaning joint coaches Campbell Ballantyne and Daniel Jones made only a few minor changes. Bryce Young and Chase Parker underpin the defensive structure, the architects through the middle are Edward Tikoft and Jonathan Krawec with the job of scoring goal falling to Carlo Chiellini. Curtin don’t possession the overall quality to be a title contender – yet – but they will do better than most.

Gains: Rory Binnie, Daniel Yelland
Losses: Chris Ward

A baptism of fire awaits ELLENBROOK UNITED, the State League’s youngest participant. Formed seven years ago and with only a few seasons as a senior club under their belt, Ellenbrook take the giant step up from their sixth tier of amateur football. Key roles await Jake Bungert, Andrew Carvalho, Oliver Langdale and Matt Clarke, the latter a proven Sunday League goalscorer, in a young squad to who the demands of State League football are a complete stranger. For Ellenbrook, this year is all about competing, and to pick up a few wins along the way will be a bonus.

Gains: Matthew Clarke, Dan Gulliver, Patrick Bradburn
Losses: Simon Bailey, Brian Connors, Steve Finch

FORRESTFIELD UNITED have been installed as one the frontrunners for the Division Two title, and rightly so. Coach Rod Banjac has looked backward in going forward by luring back to the club a number of former juniors, players who now have the benefit of experience and maturity. The biggest area of improvement has been at the back where Brad Eiffe and Jason Godfrey have been tasked with stemming the flow of goals against. At the other end of the park Rhys Loxley and Trent Wood will be prising opening defences and creating chances for Jordan Hart. With luck on their side Forrestfield can nudge the top four.

Gains: Brad Eiffe, Jason Godfrey, Rhys Loxley, Trent Wood
Losses: Rob Chipchase, Gino Hampshire

The dark horse of Division Two is FREMANTLE UNITED. Long-time coach Jason Smith has tinkered ever so slightly with his playing options, bringing in a few select newcomers to compliment an already talent-laden squad. The port side are steadily building momentum and once the likes Madison Holman, Giuseppe Agnello, Angus Vos, Andrew Ambrogio and veteran defender Fabio Fusari really start to fire then opposition teams are going to be in some serious trouble. If they are able to consistently put the same side out on the park then Fremantle will go close to winning this league.

Gains: Giuseppe Agnello, Ty Fenwick, Peter Wile
Losses: Marc Sim

An encore performance of last year’s successes is perhaps a little beyond JOONDALUP CITY. The fact they enter the new campaign with much the same set of players that lifted the Division Two champions last year suggests they are on track to go back-to-back. However, a couple of key departures will have a detrimental effect while resources will be stretched by increased competition across the league. Even so, Gary Kalaher has a quality squad on his hand based around Danny Beattie, Mark Tebbutt, Danny Allan, Jody Thomson and Jason Rubridge. A top three proposition.

Gains: Shane Doyle, Tommy Jones
Losses: Stewart Andre, Matt Divry

JOONDALUP UNITED will make a lasting impression in their State League debut. The club from up north were firmly entrenched as one of Sunday football’s premier clubs and they will bring that same level of success to the Saturday game. Coach Daniel Smith has available an abundance of attacking options, amongst them Tony Taylor, Josh Whitmore and captain Arran Maplestone while a strong defensive setup comes under the command of Adam Rogers and James Bosdet. With few weaknesses and a solid pre-season under their belt, Joondalup have been installed as champions elect.

Gains: Garin Collins, James Bodset, Arran Maplestone, Callum Stocks, Josh Whitmore
Losses: Gary Andrews, Lee Jones, Neil Middler, Steve Mills

On-field successes will be few and far between for KELMSCOTT ROOS . Called into the State League at late notice, by which time they had already lost a number of key players, the eastern corridor club have had limited preparation for the coming season. Coach James Coffey has done an admirable job assembling a squad in which the efforts of Jonathan Ingram, Joseph Tomlin, Scott Baker, Christian Hogge and goalkeeper Sam Cogle will be vital. Kelmscott know the odds are stacked against them and the points they collect early will decide whether or not they finish clear of last.

Gains: Scott Baker, Christian Hogge, Jason Shaughnessy
Losses: Sam French, Brodie Lange, Lynden Pywell, Mark Towse, Nathan Watkins

The one constant at KINGSWAY OLYMPIC since they returned to the State League has been a failure to ignite. Last year Kingsway won just six games and some significant off-season losses suggests another winter battling it out in the lower depths of Division One. How many goals Andy Griffiths, Lee Thomas and PJ Mills are able to craft will go a long way to determining whether 2014 is a success, likewise the defensive resolve of Ben Towers, Brett Cutting and club stalwart Aaron Lickiss. Overall, Kingsway are too shallow on depth and experience to finish in the top half of the table.

Gains: Brett Cutting, Andy Griffiths, PJ Mills, Joe Woodin
Losses: Alistair Blair, Liam Hurley, Aaron Platten, Anthony Salpietro

Early indications are MELVILLE CITY are in for another trying season. The club suffered dreadfully at the hands of injury last year and new boss Gavin Brown has added a bit more depth and experience with the addition of Liam McLaughlin, Robbie Gaspar and Sean McElhone. How quickly they can gel with the existing core of captain Matt Donlevy, playmaker Mark Lucas and striker Simon El Chami will determine whether or not 2014 is a success. But what will keep them in the bottom half of the table is a lack of cover once injury and other absences begin to bite.

Gains: Eamon Barnes, Robbie Gaspar, Sean McElhone, Liam McLaughlin
Losses: Aaron Bahadori, Bryce Conway, Elliott Duncan, Jack Mawdsley

QUINNS have lost more than it’s gained so it seems inevitable a small slide down the table is in their future. There were plenty of comings and goings at Gumblossom Park over the summer as Glen Moore pieced together his squad. And while the rookie coach has players of the calibre of Ross Edwards, Louis Hughes, Chris Williams, Lewis Hall and Brian Cairney at his disposal, the overall feeling is Quinns’ losses by far outweigh their gains. Mid-table looks to be about right for then, perhaps a little higher should players new and old find their rhythm early.

Gains: Craig Bowman, Jordan Dodd, Ross Edwards
Losses: Arran Maplestone, Jake Benson-Cooper, Gareth Davies, Mark Beattie

Relegation to Division Two may be a blessing in disguise for ROCKINGHAM CITY. The club have been living on borrowed time since their brief flirtation with the top flight over a decade ago and dropping down to their third tier may provide the breathing space they have been calling out for. The summer saw a fair bit of movement within the squad, rookie coach Rob Crerar bringing in some experienced heads to compliment the club’s fertile youth set-up. The key figures during this period of transition are veteran shot-stopper Cyril Sharrock, Sean Brady, David Clark, Alex Grayson and Roy Hissey. Mid-table.

Gains: David Clark, Alex Grayson, Cyril Sharrock
Losses: Ryan Haslett, Lee Haywood, Thabiso Ncube, Oscar Thompson

footballwa.net Predictions

Peter Brett   Jacob Richard
Division Two table Division Two table   Division Two table Division Two table
Forrestfield United Joondalup United 1 Joondalup United Joondalup City
Joondalup United Fremantle United 2 Forrestfield United Quinns
Rockingham City Joondalup City 3 Quinns Ellenbrook United
Fremantle United Forrestfield United 4 Joondalup City Fremantle United
Kingsway Olympic Curtin University 5 Curtin University Joondalup United
Joondalup City Quinns 6 Balga Balga
Quinns Rockingham City 7 Rockingham City Rockingham City
Kelmscott Roos Melville City 8 Fremantle United Kelmscott Roos
Melville City Kingsway Olympic 9 Kingsway Olympic Forrestfield United
Ellenbrook United Balga 10 Melville City Melville City
Balga Kelmscott Roos 11 Kelmscott Roos Kingsway Olympic
Curtin University Ellenbrook United 12 Ellenbrook United Curtin University

Sunday League Premier Division

Final Table Prediction

 1 Gwelup Croatia
 2 Queens Park
 3 Hamersley Rovers
 4 Fremantle Croatia
 5 Perth Royals
 6 North Perth United
 7 Kingsley
 8 South Perth United
 9 BB United 
10 Southern Spirit
11 Whitford City
12 Kwinana United

Sunday League First Division

Final Table Prediction

 1 Port Kennedy
 2 Wembley Downs
 3 Maddington White City
 4 Floreat Athena Amateurs
 5 Kalamunda United
 6 International Calcio
 7 North Beach
 8 Belmont Villa
10 Stirling Panthers
11 Maccabi
12 North Lake

Sunday League Second Division

Final Table Prediction

 1 Subiaco AFC Amateurs
 2 Ballajura
 3 Jaguar
 4 La Fiamma
 5 Quinns FC
 6 Carramar
 7 UWA-Nedlands FC
 8 Kingsway Olympic Amateurs
 9 Lynwood United
10 Warnbro Strikers
11 Canning City Amateurs

Sunday League Third Division

Final Table Prediction

 1 Shamrock Rovers Amateurs
 2 Caversham Athletic
 3 South Perth United "B"
 4 Cracovia White Eagles
 5 Joondalup United Amateurs
 6 Gosnells City Amateurs
 7 Stirling Lions Amateurs
 8 Perth Hills United
 9 Ahly Perth
10 UWA-Nedlands FC Amateurs "B"
11 Bassendean Caledonian

Sunday League Fourth Division

Final Table Prediction

 1 Brooklands FC
 2 Backpackers FC
 3 Forrestfield United Amateurs
 4 Sporting Warriors
 5 Sutherlands Park
 6 Subiaco AFC Amateurs "B"
 7 Noranda City
 8 Fraser Park
 9 Hamersley Rovers "B"
10 Curtin University Amateurs
11 Perth Royals "B"
12 Melville City Amateurs

Sunday League Fifth Division

Final Table Prediction

 1 Ashfield East Perth
 2 Peel United
 3 Yanchep United
 4 Bayswater City Amateurs
 5 Perth Dream 06
 6 Maniana FC
 7 Western United
 8 Leeming Strikers

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