1998 Season Preview

Premier League

Bayswater City Panthers

A poor night series campaign for Bayswater, winning only 1 game, with their defence being the main problem. It looks like its going to be a long, hard season for the Panthers, and finishing outside the bottom 2 relegation spots will be their aim.

Key Players: Allan MacKenzie, Marc Wingell, Paul Dymmock.
Predicted position: 12th

Cockburn City

Newly formed Cockburn City, coming from a merger between Spearwood Dalmatinac and Cockburn United, should have a competitive season, but will more than likely just miss a play-off place and finish mid-table.

Key Players: Rob Blazevich, Joel Peacock
Predicted Position: 7th

Dianella White Eagles

Surprised most last year by finishing 10th, rather than bottom. Frank Longstaff who coached Southside United to the first division championship has moved over to Dianella and should help the club at least maintain their Premier League status.

Key Players: Keagan Ashley, Zoran Milmar
Predicted Position: 10th

Floreat Athena

Defending league champions and expect them to mount another serious league campaign. Athena should at least make the Grand Final with the current squad that they have. Also, due to the Velodrome being redeveloped half way through the year, all Athena’s first 11 games will be played at home, with the next 11 being played away, they will want a good start.

Key Players: Jason Smith, Troy Benard, Doug Ithier,
Predicted Position: 2nd

Fremantle City

Challenged Floreat Athena all the way to the league championship last season, but just missed out by 3 points to finish runners up. Coach Stuart Kamasz has many top players to pick from and their recent night series form shows that they should at least make the top 3 with a championship or Grand Final appearance not out of the question.

Key Players: Chris Ball, Scott Clissold, Joe Vaz, Steve Bourne
Predicted Position: 3rd

Inglewood Falcons

The 1996 league champions, Inglewood, should have another good season after finishing 4th last year. Inglewood’s forward line looks quite strong and they should take one of the top 5 play-off places.

Key Players: John Micro, Liam Taylor, Gavin Tait.
Predicted Position: 5th

Joondalup City

Just missed out on a night series semi-final appearance by 1 point, showing that they have improved from last season when finishing 8th in the league. New signing Alan Armstrong from Floreat Athena will help tighten the defence. Joondalup will be challenging for a play-off place but may just miss out.

Key Players: Carl McDarby, Alan Armstrong, Hugh Miller
Predicated Position: 6th

Kingsway Olympic

Lucky still to be in the Premier League after first division champions Southside United missed out due to criteria. Kingsway have had disappointing seasons in the last couple of years and coach Tom Kilkelly will once again have a young squad to choose from.

Key Players: Nick Mrdja, Jamie Kuzmanovich
Predicted Position: 9th


Showed great form in the night series, winning all 7 games and taking out the title. This is Perth’s best chance to win the league since they last won it in 1993 with the club gaining some new signings. Perth will also enjoy the fact that the title will be decided by the play-offs, as they are the only team to have won the championship when a play-off system was last used between 1989 and 1991.

Key Players: Robert Peruzza, Robert Puca, Alan Pottier.
Predicted Position: 4th


Sorrento had its best season since entering the top flight back in 1988, last year, when it finished 3rd, only 3 points behind league champions, Floreat Athena. Sorrento’s young players are improving all the time, and the club will more than likely improve on its night series performances. A great chance to make the Grand Final this season, with the club's 1st league championship being a good possibility.

Key Players: Jamie Harnwell, Todd Harnwell, Trevor Morgan, Simon Harland.
Predicted Position: League Champions

Stirling Macedonia

Its going to be a long season for the former power of WA soccer, between 1983 and 1996 Macedonia finished in the top 4 places on all occasions, including 6 championships and runners up on 3 other occasions, but managed to slump to 11th place last year. The club’s night series form shows that they haven’t improved finishing with only 1 point from a possible 15, the worst from all clubs. The question is, if Stirling Macedonia finish in the bottom 2, will Soccer West Coast relegate them? I think we already know that answer to that.

Key Players: John Nicoloau, Andy Wright.
Predicted Position: 11th

Western Knights

The Western Knights had a good season last year, finishing in 5th spot, some good signings over the summer suggests that they might have a better year, however they failed to impress during the night series. The potential is there for a play-off place, but will more than likely finish around mid table.

Key Players: Trim Morgan, Alex Cummings, Karl Atley.
Predicted Position: 8th

Predicted Premier League Table

 1 Sorrento
 2 Floreat Athena
 3 Fremantle City
 4 Perth
 5 Inglewood Falcons
 6 Joondalup City
 7 Cockburn City
 8 Western Knights
 9 Kingsway Olympic
10 Dianella White Eagles
11 Stirling Macedonia
12 Bayswater City Panthers

First Division

Ashfield/Bunbury will be the favourites for the first division league championship this season, after a great night series performance, which got them the First Division Night Series title. Ashfield/Bunbury secured the services of Jimmy Provern, who was top goalscorer for defending first division champions Southside United last year. They should also be almost guaranteed a Premier League place next year with the facilities they have at their ground if they win the championship this season.

Rockingham City, who reached the first division night series final, Bassendean Caledonian and relegated team Swan I.C. are the teams most likely to challenge Ashfield/Bunbury. Perth City/Leeming Strikes, Queens Park, Stirling Suns and Wanneroo City look set for mid table. The first division strugglers are likely to come from Armadale Park, Balcatta, Southside United, a team which lost many of their championship players from last year and North Lake Espanol.

Predicted First Division Table

 1 Ashfield/Bunbury
 2 Rockingham City
 3 Swan I.C.
 4 Bassendean Caledonian
 5 Queens Park
 6 Perth City/Leeming Strikers
 7 Wanneroo City
 8 Stirling Suns
 9 Armadale Park
10 Southside United
11 Balcatta
12 North Lake Espanol

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