1982 State Teams


In June the State Team went to Medan Indonesia to play in the Marah Halum Cup. Compared with previous years, 1982 was a poor one for Western Australia. They started off well by winning their first game against South Korea by two goals to nil with Paul Middleton (then a Macedonia player) scoring both goals.

Australia, as the team is always called, surprisingly could only draw with an Indonesian State Team, Semarang one-one with Kiev's Willie Herd scoring the all important goal. It was this result that made the difference between Australia making the Final or not and it was a bitter blow to the Australian party.

What was to be their final match was against a strong West German team, who had beaten Semarang four to one, but had then gone down to South Korea one nil. Goals from Kamasz and Middleton were not enough to counter the four put past Saverio Madaschi and this result was enough to eliminate West Australia from the competition.

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