1981 State Teams


The stock of the State team from the West was at its highest in 1975 and 1976 when it went to Medan, Indonesia to play in the Marah Halim Cup. Against all expectation, the team was highly successful and won the competition on both occasions. Unfortunately in 1977 we didn't reach the final, but had we won the cup for the third time consecutively, it would have been ours to keep, and its value was put at over $32,000.

Western Australia once again participated in 1981, led by president Mick Lee, and again we were unlucky not to reach the Final. The team lost narrowly against Japan 2-1, won 5-0 against both ACEH (Indonesia) and Penang, and drew the last game against Korea 0-0.

It is hoped that an invitation will again be received for the 1982 competition so that further efforts may be made to win this prestigious cup.

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